Converse with a stranger.. 

Should I say hi 

Or should I hello 

What should I do 

To talk with a fellow 

Ask about his work 

Or talk about his life 

Ask if he’s single 

Or has a pretty wife 

Complement her beauty 

Or smile at her face

What word should I use

Which will work like a ace 

Be gentle in my way 

Or blabber a bit to her

Offer her a drink 

Or carry her fur 

Should eyes meet with his 

Or just put my gaze away 

Stay silent in his presence 

And allow him his say 

Why is to so hard

To have a pleasent talk 

Why do we fear

To the the small walk 

Insecurities and thoughts 

Go round in our mind 

And we miss a person 

Who’s pretty hard to find 

Shying away always 

And afraid of what will come 

We shift our gaze away 

And walk back to our home. 


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