Someday when I am not there.. 

Will you remember the time 
When we met each other 

Will you think of the moment 

When we kissed each other 

Will your hands tremble 

Remembering my touch 

Will your heart beat fast

With my thought as such 

Will you pause for a moment 

After passing our spot 

Will your eyes get wet 

Remembering our knot 

Will the drops of rain 

Bring by the time gone 

Will the clod breeze of winter 

Take you where we had gone 

Will the photo by the bed 

Bring a smile on your face 

Will the passing by time 

Erase all my trace 

Will my thoughts come 

When I won’t be there 

Will you try to search 

My remains somewhere 

Will our story be with you always 

When I am gone and 

We have parted ways… 


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