If it’s you.. 

Walking past the light 

I see at the source and see if it’s you 

Walking in the rain 

I look up at the sky and see if it’s you

I talk with my mom 

And see in her eyes and see if it’s you. 
I see a baby cry and try grab a bite

I see a lady walk barely with her stick 

I see the bird fly and rise to a height 

And everytime I see I ask if it’s you. 
The sorrow on the street 

The strangers that we meet 

The food that we eat 

I see all of it and think if it’s you. 
The death that plagues this world 

The innocent that all cry 

The sense which seem lot

I try to feel their pan and wonder if it’s you. 
I hope there is still light 

There is happiness beyond our sight 

Hope  peace and a clam and starry night 

I wish to see it come wish its still you. 


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