Women in distress… 

Recently a huge roar was going on about the release of a certain film named ‘lipstick under my burkha’ the film is about women of course and explores various emotions and thoughts they Harbour and also the prevalent prejudices against women which exist in the Indian society. The film was initially banned by the film certification board saying it was too “lady oriented”. 

After a huge support from the general audience womens groups and the determination of the film crew it was finally permitted to get into Indian theaters. 

106.4 a local radio channel which is also the official radio partner of the film tried to do a shot survey where they asked men their opinion about female virginity, females watching porn and females asking for a condom at a chemist store. The responses which I heard literally saddened me to the core and made me realize that though we portray we are the modern Indian we are still stuck in the medieval ages and the mindset of people today is no different. 

The responses which were given like ; 

Pertaining to virginity :

‘are wo to hona hi chahiye, aise kaise puch sakte hai app’ (it should obviously be there how can you ask such a question) 

‘aap kisi ka jhootha khana bhi Nahi khate fir ye to..’ (you don’t even eat food tasted by others how can we accept this then) 

‘are vo to unka dharam hai, ye humari sanskriti Nahi’ ( that is their religion, this is not our tradition) 

Such a wasted thought process, such character assassination of women, still thinking of them like an object and owned property its just so not acceptable in these times. 

Related to watching porn the opinions were :

‘Nahi dekhna chahiye, it’s not our culture’ (shouldnt be watched its not our culture) 

‘vo dekh K kya karenge’ (what will they do watching it) 

Showing such a lack of knowledge so much of judgemental attitude, not having basic knowledge even about sexuality is quiet evident in these comments. 

Regarding women asking for condom :

‘vo uska kya karengi’ (what will they do with it) 

‘vo unke kis Kam ka’ (what is the use of it for them) 

‘why ask for something which is not for them and be a embarrassment’ 

These just show the lack of knowledge about basic family planning and sex education, not knowing about the benefits, prohibiting women from their rights. 

People here are opposing sex education at school level, and when such a basic education is denied early on you get such a attitude in the adulthood. People or to be more specific men talk about culture and tradition I donno what they do mean by that we are the once who have written kamasutra we are the one who have a God for sexuality we are the one with maximum number of female deities and still we lack the basic respect which the females deserve. 

Asking for punishment for rapists or molesters or eve teasers won’t do any good till the time men have such a shitty mind set and attitude towards the opposite sex. Sex education gender awareness is the need of the hour and it should be started early if we are to save our future generations from being the same narrow minded generation as we are. 

God help India God save India!! 


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  1. Raj says:

    First thing is women still are treated as material, more on this side of world. Unfortunately most of these things are done by using religion as a tool. So that no one dares to oppose. Liberal people like us have to keep our mouth shut even if we don’t believe those stupid beliefs even for as second. One sect of people becoming too advanced these days but other sect is going down to stone ages faster than before. Yes ultimately uneducated bound to loose and wasted their whole life.

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    1. Exactly and the people in power who can at least try to change the scenario turn a blind eye to this

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Raj says:

        People in power .. will not do it.. because when people are educated.. these people at power will lose their importance..so keep the people stupid..that way they will continue to rule the world! 😀 Sad but that the truth!

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      2. Indeed.. Lets hope things change 🙂

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