The selfie obsession… 

Gone are the times when a photograph meant a treasure when one shot captured the emotion and when taking photos was an art. 

In the past few years with the advent of front facing cameras the new trend has started and that’s called selfie mania.. I use the word mania coz this has literally crazed the whole world. You step out of your house and look around am sure you will find atleast a couple of people engrossed in this selfie mania. Pouting which literally means making a duck face is some sort of craze these days. Clicking numerous pictures just to get one alright one then putting that one through the grueling editing process and finally uploading it one some or the other social network with n number of hast tags seems to be the new normal these days. 

The height is reached when people click selfies even on funerals and there have been instances where the habit of taking a selfie has led people to their own Graves. 

Back in the days a photograph had some credibility but now a days it’s just a game of higher pixels in the camera and how well someone can edit a particular photograph. 

Be alone or be in a group people are just mad about this selfie stuff… Be in a bar a pub or some picnic or alone they will pull out their cameras and click and upload the same. 

I still have my old photo albums which I take out of the shelf once in a while and take a stroll down the memory lane.. But will the future generation have this joy.. Albums are almost non existant these days and we just have these SD cards hard drives and hell after a while we forget about them as well and a photo clicked on a certain occasion becomes a history which is seldom remembered. 

Gosh I miss those Kodak and nikon old school days when 31 was the limited stock and each click used to be a memory. Now it’s just a ritual which just needs to be performed every now and then… 

Will the good old days be back when a picture will truly mean something… Or are we just gonna be gripped by this hysteria and be all self obsessed? 

Food for thought!! 


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  1. SonniQ says:

    Ironically I had this conversation yesterday with my mother while going through old pictures of my father now dead and my mother is 84 and in a wheelchair because of a stroke. There was a cute young skinny man with no hair on his chest, sitting cross legged on a beach blanket. He was posing a funny pictures wearing my mothers glasses on his nose and holding an upside down book in his hand pretending to look scholarly. No wonder my mother fell for him. My teen of pictures taken todyage mother is in her bathing suit next to him. I have a picture to hold and that is the crux of your issue – the only thing people have is a digital picture in a file on the phone or camera. No photo album to go through. I have so many as i have inherited a lot from my mother because pictures are important to me. What will I do with them except hopefully pass them on one day. What pictures will be passed on that are taken today? I now take pictures of pictures so I can share some online..But you are right. it is not the same.

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    1. I feel the same way when I go through my own albums.. For the next generation I guess that would just be a word and may be someday uill find it in some museum!


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