Not to express 

What you think is right 

Not to say 

What you think is wrong 

Shadowed under the dark cloud 

You live but as dead 

Worried what your words might bring 

Terrified at the though of thoughtfulness 

You stay quiet with a storm within 

Rashness all around 

Fear in the air 

Terror filled in minds 

But fake peace on the face 

Idiots running the show 

And clever hiding behind 

Saneness gone in the bin

Insanity gone rogue 

Fights on amongst ourselves 

And wounds inflicted on us

When will us speak up

And when will we fight back 

When will be break the shackles 

And undo all the wrongs 

When will the cloud go 

And the fear disappear 

When will we live free

Out of this constant fear? 


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