Going to a mall.. 

Going to a mall or shopping complex is a nice experience i must say ..and i mean it literally ,it’s a win win situation for all ie the people who genuinely go there to shop and we’ll not so genuine people like me who just go there to spend some time away from the heat in the centrally air conditioned atmosphere .

The mall is a great amalgamation of various types of industries and people .if you go on to observe them am sure you will find a lot of interesting ones .

These days basically the majority crown going to such big malls is either couples who need to spend some time and also some money and college kids who just want to spend their parents money and click random selfies. 

Once you enter the mall and have a look around am sure you will encounter a number of decorative places there and yes glues to those places are the selfie mongers. I mean the girls will pout a thousand times to get that perfect selfie to post on Instagram and the guy will tuck his shirt or put his hands over his pickets or hair we’ll for the same reason of course. Then at the same places you will also find the love birds who just occupy a corner and sit for hours at stretch chitchatting stuff i for one always wonder what do these people talk for so long about??

Along with these two types you will also find parents with little ones who have arrived to the mall just to make their child stop crying ..coz he or she saw some toy with someone and wants the same for himself or herself and just won’t stop crying unless the demand is met ….smart kids of this 21st century i say .

Most of the shops have hardly 2-3 customers if you notice carefully .but then I guess that’s enough for them coz one item in such shops costs thousands of bucks .

Another things you will notice is n no of ridiculous offers on show ..i came across apparel outlet and it displayed a offer which read “buy worth 6000 and get vouchers worth 1500 #conditionsapply” buy worth 10000 And get vouchers worth 3000 ” and i tell u none of the things there had a price tag of below 3000. 

And yeah if you happen to be in the mall there is one more thing you can do and that is to sit in a nice restaurant and observe people around you with some nice food…

Ok now I’ll enjoy my food ….much later 🙂 cya 


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