Inspiration.. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

It was 14th April yesterday, a day exactly 126 yrs ago when a great soul was born, the one person who single handedly changed the lives of all the downtrodden oppressed and troubled sections of the society, the one person who changed the fate of this great nation, the one person who even today is recognized all over the world but his own country seems to have side lined him. Yes it was the birth anniversary of dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. 

Bestowed by many a prefixes being called mahamanav bodhisattva recipient of the greatest Indian honor the Bharat Ratna this individual still remains a mystery to most of the people in this country. Being portrayed just as a leader of the oppressed sections his nationalistic views his works for the betterment of this country are never mentioned. His work as the first law minister of this country is not acknowledged. It’s quiet an irony that a person of such stature is still kept confined to a particular sect of the nation. 

Unknown facts about Dr. ambedkar’s contribution, one can go through this link just to see how much the man had contributed to this nation, a true nationalist a true patriot and still people have misconceptions about him. Read him and you will understand, understand him and you will respect. 
A true inspiration to anyone who loves his country anyone who wants India to be a great nation. 

His words are an inspiration his life is an inspiration he is the word inspiration himself if I may call him so. 

With this I pay my respect to the greatest son of India on his 126th birth anniversary.. We are because he was. 

Jai bhim jai bharat! 


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