Yeah to think of it confusion is also one of the things that is constant in this world. Do tell me if am wrong. Though it’s fine to be confused once in a while what if this becomes a routine in your life and your day starts with a confusion weather to eat bread and egg or a fried crisp samosas. God how can one expect the day to go smooth when it starts on such a dilemma. 

Day progresses and so do your confusions.. From confused patients to confused interns to confused colleagues. This confusion my friend is contagious it spreads from one person to another. I just wonder how?? Hmmm a good food for thought may be.. Study of factors affecting confusion.. Aha that can be a short project I can undertake.. But then such a confusing topic donno how will it pan put :p

Confusion about Job confusion about life about love about money… Etc etc etc.. U can go on changing the suffix but the prefix remains the same. 

You might be wondering why the hell am writing this post.. Answer is simple am confused… Lol


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