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Resident doctor beaten up in dhule who lost his vision in one eye

Since a last few days the atmosphere in the health care provider community is that of fear anger frustration and helplessness. You may ask why? The simple answer is fear for life. The very people who have taken up the job of trying to save as my lives as possible are themselves threatened about their own life. 

In India people say a doctor is next to God.. Well it’s high time to call off this bullshit.. No one anymore considers doctors as God. Well why go till the level of God a doctor is not even considered a respectable person. You say the word doctor and people say frauds chesters gold diggers ones who just want to make money of the POOR patients life. Why has this happened? Why are doctors tainted so much? In recent memory one can recall the amir khan satyamev jayate where doctors were shown in a very bad light yes doctors doing good work were also shown but then who cares about the good side. No profession is perfect or not every doctor is a devil not every doctor earns a million bucks. But the mentality of Indian public has gone down so much that they don’t think twice before labling the whole community as bad. 

Daily doctors are beaten up hospital property destroyed and the government just ignores. For them doctors don’t form any voice. Well they also can’t be blamed look at india’s health expenditure how much of GDP is spent on health care.. Recent elections s were held but not a single party manifestos talked of development in the health  sector. 

Recently I read about how health system works in the Uk and how much scrutiny goes on till the patient sees a specialist or super specialist. In India hell I have a head I wanna see a neurologist.. I have a pain in abdomen I wanna see a gastroenterology. I have body ache I wanna see a internist. People want speciality and superspeciality care and then they want that for free. What is the logic behind that. If u are in some legal battle u visit the best lawyer and you are ready to shell out whatever fees he asks without a second thought I mean why don’t u ask them or question their integrity. You want good education and you are ready to shell out huge sums for donation in best of colleges why don’t u question then? You want to eat good food and you are ready to shell out the extra bucks why don’t u ask for discounts there? OK some might say this is done in private sector what will the poor do.. Well for the very poor government hospitals are there where a major surgery is done at rates of peanuts.. Superspeciality consultations are done for a case paper of Rs 10 I can’t understand wtf are you complaining for? Doctors in government sector provide you speciality and superspeciality care at a price next to zero, and still these are the same doctors beaten up. A doctors goes through rigorous training of 15yrs minimum till be becomes a established practitioner.. Doesn’t he have a right to earn a livelihood? Me personally as a doctor I feel when medical care comes under consumer protection act we should just come out of our delusion. We are no more considered as God’s medicine is no more regarded as a noble profession. Get over with your emotional attachments be real be practical, do charity am not saying no but please don’t preach it let people take individual decisions, doctors please stop giving morality lessons to others especially the older ones, guys your days are long gone when people used to touch your feet these days they touch our cheek. and yes the government should also atleast show some care towards the care providers if not anything atleast provide some basic workplace security. 

Recent incidences where a doctor on call lost his eyesight in dhule for trying to refer a case to a higher Centre another doctor was beaten  up In Nashik one more in Mumbai when a patient with end stage kidney disorder passed away another in Mumbai for the lack of neonatal icu. The doctors don’t want to hurt anyone, and those working in government run hospitals are just overworked under staffed I’ll equipped please don’t beat them up. They are also  someone’s son daughter father mother, they also have a life please don’t rob them of that. 

And yes one more thing before I finish this up there are doctors who I don’t know what they want claim there can be two sides to the story the doctors are also tainted they are no saints etc etc you guys please stop justifying violence, violence for any reason is not a solution nor is it justifiable what is wrong is wrong please don’t encourage this mob mentality, we know patient relatives are agitated and want a doctor to be ready with a magic wand and cure their patient in a moment but sir this can’t justify violence. So please if you can’t do  good atleast dont make the situation more worse. 


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