Adultery.. Is it crime to seek happiness elsewhere?? 

In India where the moral values are pretty high and women are subjugated to prejudices at each step in their life, adultery is also one such thing. 

If you go through the Indian law you would find that adultery is a crime and punishable offense according to section 497 of the Indian penal code. OK so if that sounds absurd then wait that’s not all here only the males are punishable for “stealing” other married man’s wife. On the other hand if a man has an affair with a Unmarried woman the law hold no good there since the woman has no power to complain. 

We live in a society where even today the law pokes in personal lives of the people, and the states is so involved in punishing the “thief” for stealing other man’s “property”. Set aside freedom of choice but the treatment of women as a owned property is just disgusting and even after so many years the law stands. Although there have been many recommendations for its withdrawal and challenging the constitutional validity of it, it still stands. 

The British which framed this law have themselves de criminalized it and so have many other countries, so why is India still holding on to this outdated law? Guess the public sentiment  isn’t strong or may be its not in the nations interest. How can it be I mean we Indians are so male chauvinist how can we let go women as our own property, the next thought that comes to a man’s mind after coming to know about his wife’s affair is not to think as to why all this happened and where things went wrong or what can be done about it but is to go and kill the wife and the person with whom she is having an affair. 

We are just a mask of people who want to portray a perfect picture and cover our ugly face under the blanket of morals customs and things, personal feelings emotions take a back door you are not welcome. 

Should the law stay?, should the women be still considered as property of the husband? Shouldn’t the husband also be punished for adultery outside marriage? Where has equality gone? 

So many questions and no one cares to find a answer! 

What’s your take on this, anyone? 


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  1. JP Robinson says:

    A marriage consists of two people vowing to be faithful, honor, and to cherish each other. Cheating/adultery goes against those vows.


    1. Sure it does that’s a moral misconduct.. But should it be a state subject and criminal act?


      1. JP Robinson says:

        I think that would definitely help discourage infidelity although it would never happen in the U.S. In the Bible (Old Testament), adultery was often a capital offence and, similarly to what you pointed out, it was viewed as a man taking what belonged to another man (almost stealing). I honestly believe that a husband and wife should be faithful to each other because they WANT to be, not because they are FORCED to be. With love comes the willingness to be faithful and sacrifice the selfish desires that propel infidelity. Love for Christ produces love for one’s spouse. It’s all wrapped up in love.


      2. All true but the notion of treating a woman as a man’s property and making it a criminal offense punishable by law doesn’t make sense to me


  2. seeking happiness or pleasure else where outside marriage is wrong. its against our God. and its forbidden no matter the excuse


    1. Then what’s the point of such marriage where there is no love or happiness?


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