Hospital diaries… 

So it’s another day in the ward and you are on your daily round you take the round and see how everyone is… Satisfied that everything is going on fine and there is nothing to think much about you come at the nurses station and have your seat hoping nothing stupid happens. 

So it’s 10 mins into your break and you hear people shouting thief thief. Our sister smart notices one of them going down the building and calls him out. The thief showing professional etiquettes ignores the nurses call and walks straight down the road. The other nurse meanwhile urges some of the relatives to go behind the thief. Stolen property, two mobile phones, upon enquiry it emerges the thiefs posed as relatives of some patient and entered the ward. And without anyone’s notice swiftly took the mobiles and moved on. So nurse no. One assumes the role of detective sherlock Holmes and immediately informs the security about the get up of the thiefs the cloths they wearing the bag they carrying etc etc… The staff help arrives and nurse no. 2 orders him to take his bike and go behind the thief. As am curiously watching this whole thing unfold one of the patients who has a pneumonia and on treatment and only fine since last 2 days comes to me and says “sir I am fine should I also go behind the thief”, interestingly his mobile phone is also among the ones stolen.. I politely deny him permission.. After a through search and mobile rescue mission the thiefs are caught though one manages to flee the spot one is apprehended and the mobiles are recovered. As the news comes to the nurses we are all laughing as to what all had happened in the past half an hour and sharing our respective incidences regarding Robbery in the hospitals. 


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