ICU waiting room… 

Icu is the last place someone might want to be. Surely not a place for vacation nor one where you have a good time. Tension worry grief all these dreaded emotions is what you get to witness in here. 

I myself am going through some of them but at a milder level. My grandma is inside but doing better and improving thank God. 

So while she is there inside am waiting outside anxious and worried but then am not alone like me many other relatives are there who have someone or the other loved one inside. But then here you get to experience all other things as well. 

Like in one corner you hear people discussing the diagnosis of the patient how he is doing someone of them seems to be a doctor and a skeptical one who seems to have lost his faith in the hospital and thinking about moving the patient away, same family has another doctor who is convinced that this is the right place and the patient would improve. At the other end you have people who are going up and down the building to book bed for the night. Yeah the attendants need to books beds in here. Some are discussing about the dreaded end. Some seems to have no expressions at all. Some are here out of love some out of duty others out of sympathy. 

The daily battle for life goes on inside the icu, outside is a different battle all together. Night time turns out to be full  blown snoring competition, those who snore don’t know what the effect is on the other people. 

Turn by turn relatives exchange duties and pray to get out of here as soon as possible. 

Quiet a stressful  life!! 


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