Life is beautiful . . . 

Filled with sorrow and pain all around

Trapped in a closed we all time bound 

Full of faces and none seems true

But still life is beautiful . . . 
Evil lurks over each step that we take 

Trying to undone what beautiful we try to make

Fighting a battle between dark and light

But still life is beautiful . . . 
Treachery anarchy and misery try to spread

Each day begins with a battle for bread

Sweat and blood don’t seem any different 

But still life is beautiful. . .
Friends seem false and enemies  looks true

Each one tries to go through and through 

Relationship here more brittle than the glass

But still life is beautiful . . . 
The green grass beneath and sunny sky above 

Fragrance of nature and mother’s  true love

Happiness and fun also go about

So isn’t life beautiful ? ? 




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  1. Akhila says:

    Yes, life is beautiful if we can be freed from ” why so serious ” attitude


    1. Life is a story complicated by “Ifs and buts” 😁

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      1. Akhila says:

        Just be that “easy go” type.. Life will be sompler then.. Didn’t mean that i am like that, I am also trying


      2. Aha that’s what’s important, to try and not the cry.. Atleast you have the satisfaction of trying

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      3. Akhila says: try and try

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      4. Exactly 🙂 all d best put in your best efforts

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