Friends and other things.. 

Friendship is a simple term with a deep or shallow meaning based on your assumptions of it. Don’t get me wrong I am all for this beautiful relationship but then there are instances when it looses its shine. 

For example after a few instances of tolerance you tend to get irritated from some people.. After that you are even afraid to express yourself and act according to your own will just thinking how will the other person feel or react. 

Happens sure but then is it really worth it… I ask myself this question time and again is it really worth it. Then again people are need of others and what better alternative than having a friend.. But then again taking undue advantage of your friends nature is that fair enough… Being understanding is a basic quality in any relation but then why does it happen that between two people only one person shows this understanding most of the times. 

Where does logic go in such instances? Is it all hormonal… Well being a doctor I tend to find out if there is any medical reason for that and most of the times I end of saying “no abnormality detected”, the reason is supernatural in and the most common cause being “having a head injury in childhood”, why else will someone’s brain work so abnormally, or wait what is abnormal according to me is normal for them? 

Gosh such a tragic story this is… I always thought friendship is about being carefree about valuing the relation about respecting one another at the same time being totally free and comfortable to say anything and if wrong equal time to reconsile things… But wait am I being too ideal? Do such relations exist?  I donno may be you have some think about it! 


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