Post breakup syndrome. 

Well in today’s world we more often than not see this syndrome going around but we fails to recognize what exactly it is and how different people deal with it and what are it’s signs and symptoms. 

So today am gonna try and summarize it for you. In this fast moving world the pace of relationships too has increased and so there is a huge no of breakups happening every moment.  If someone is to take it seriously and chart it out am pretty sure that it would come that every minute a breakup is happening all over this world. And the reasons for these breakups range from really serious to really stupid ones. 

Having said this let’s move on. 

So how to identify a person who has recently had a break up, let’s look at the symptoms  :

1. The person is rather quiet than usual 

2 . someone who used to be quiet but has recently started talking more, most of which is rather irrelevant stuff. 

3.staying alone listening to sad songs 

4. Showing disinterest in daily activities 

5.absent minded at work. 

6.stopped going out with friends and family 

These are just a few rest you can try and identify and suggest so we can add to the list. 

Now symptoms are ones which the patient shows and signs are ones which the doctor identifies so now  lets have a look at signs of a person with post breakup syndrome :

1. Eyes are constantly swollen with overnight crying sessions.. Especially in case of girls.

2. Says no to whenever you try and enquire about anything. 

3. Everything is fine.. That’s the most common reply to all your probing questions. 

4. Intermittent bouts of crying. 

5. Reluctant to eat food. 

6. Saying things like. “I am not feeling good.. I don’t like things anymore.. I have lost interest in life… I have no where to go”  and many more such one liners. 

But then again since it’s a psychological issue it’s quiet difficult to enumerate all the signs and symptoms it depends on the special variety of people called “best friends”  to identify such cases around th and try and tend to their needs. Things can be different for men and women but the basic or say cornerstone of therapy is showing care and having a empathic outlook towards the person going through this phase. 

Also there needs to be awareness about what actually is love and what is just attraction and infatuation. In a few weeks of relationship people confuse it with love and take themselves down the rabbit hole. Love is something which is built gradually and should be handled with care and proper attitude. Let’s hope things get better in the future 🙂 

. Cheers 


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