Let there be hope… 

I tend to believe that we are all here for a reason some way or the other we are here to make a difference we have a purpose, but then why do we tend to give up on things? The question puzzles me always. 

We love to do things and then we stop doing them… There is a whole 2kgs of brain in our head and we just fail to use it or may be use it for a stupid reason. Do we lack motivation to do something good? Do we lack inspiration to think something different? Most of all do we lack hope in our own capabilities?

Being a doctor I can’t imagine a more fulfilling thing than seeing a patient cured of his illness.. And now being a student of community medicine I wonder how much can I do for the people on a broader scale? But then again.. Do I have what it takes?  Or my interest lies in something else? 26yrs on and am still trying to find the answer to this question… I would like to ask you.. Have you found your answer? Have you found a reason to wake up next day and not be worrying rather being happy thinking about the day ahead?  Am still searching mine for sure.

But then each night I go to sleep thinking tomorrow will be the day. A new sun will rise a new day a new beginning. So may be tomorrow will be your day.. Who knows in what you might find your purpose in life in what you might find your happiness.. I wish you luck.. Hope this world becomes a better place because of you…. 


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