pehla nasha…



listening to the song on loop again and again sameer was imagining himself as amir khan in the song dancing with his brother and his lady love looking at him through the window across. yes it was the first time he felt so.

is this love ? he kept asking this question to himself time and again . the girl whom he had been staring all this while had actually looked back at him and given him a smile. what should i make out of it ? why did she smile ? what was her intention ? ,and amidst these questions her smiling face kept coming in between his thoughts and he again went back on the loop being amir once again.

it all started from the first day of college ,new guys entering a new world ,its quiet a transition from school to college from uniform to casuals from lunchboxes to canteens and from being restricted to being free. it was no different for sameer he was overwhelmed by everything . and as in every love story his eyes fell on the most beautiful face he had seen in his whole life ,standing in the line to get her id card ,this was the first time he saw priya. mesmerised by her beauty he kept staring at her till the lecture bell brought him back to his senses, he had a glance at his watch and it was already past 10 , fish late for the first lecture on the first day of college ,he thought to himself and ran upstairs as fast he could to reach his classroom.

the lecture was going on,pin drop silence in the class which was only broken when there was a knock on the classroom door,”may i come in sir”,asked priya, sameer who was almost half asleep at the last bench looked up as if lightening had struck him and well his happiness knew no bounds as the girl whose face was still making rounds in his mind was actually standing in front of him and was going to be his classmate. he kept smiling like an idiot throughout the lecture.

days went by class canteen corridor ground wherever he saw her his heart skipped a beat which was only evident on his flushed and smiling face. but one thing was there,all this while he never managed to even ask her name,he was just to shy or afraid or cautious or whatever you want to call it he was that,if she came from front he used to step aside, if she even tried to look towards his direction he turned his head away.

that day was also no different ,in the class he was staring at her like he had been doing all this while , but something different happened today, she turned and different from his usual routine he didnt turn away but stared right in her eyes,those deep black eyes which always drove him mad,and to his surprise she also looked straight at him smiled and raised her eyebrows ,her smile literally saying ,what you smiling at , sameer could not believe that and just took off from his place and ran out of the class to everyones surprise , the professor was stunned,what happened just now,why did this guy just ran away…

coming back home he turned his tv on and there was this song playing …”chahe tum kuch na kaho maine sun liye”.. he thought is this it ,is it like this, did she just heard what i didnt say ..and the loop began . the day ended and he went to bed still humming the same song .

next day realising what had happened and what he had done he thought to himself what an idiot he had been to run from the class,what was he gonna answer to the professor,whats he gonna tell to his friends,and of all whats priya gonna think about him. confused immersed in a thousand thoughts he went to the college . walking across the corridor with his head down he walked slowly only to be stopped by a girl who came and stood in front of him,”hi i am priya”…he looked up trying to control his anxiety,face flushed he glanced at her…those deep black eyes were directed towards him and only on thing came to his mind..”chahe tum kuch na kaho maine sun liya…..pehla nasha”.






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