This post is in response to the Daily prompt of the Daily post Tart.

Fresh mix fruit Tart

So what to write about? Thinking about this I stumbled upon the daily post daily word promt which is basically a guide to those who can’t think or are confused ot lazy as to what to write on their blog. So the prompt for today is Tart.

Simple lemon Tart

Well what is a Tart? That was the basic question.. So my search let me to my Brower which suggested that Tart is basically a baked dish consisting of a filling over a pastry base. And thus the meaning of this word was revealed to me. And intrigued about what’s more to it. I hopped from one page to another looking at various beautiful and delicious Tart dishes their presentations and their recipes.

Yummy strawberry Tart

Food is something which just makes you wish for more, and Tart is no different especially if u r a pastry lover. Well writing this promt has given a new challenge and that is to try and make a delicious Tart. Let’s hope that turns out as delicious as it looks 🙂

Salted chocolate Tart

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