Friends and friendship.. 


“rishte to Hume paida hote hi mil jate Hai… Par dost Hum chunte hai”  this dialogue from the movie Aatish simply represents friendship in its true sense.. Stating that relations are given to us by birth and friends are whom we choose. Standing at this stage of life where u r in your mid 20s and heading towards the tricky 30s you realize the true meaning of the word friendship.

When you are a child everyone is a friend then you go to school and then you tend to form what they call groups and best friends and you are introduced to words like girl friend and boy friend,you grow a bit more your group flactuates from big to small to big and to being small again. By the time you pass out your college days you are left only a few people whom you can call friends.

But then at times when I ask what are friends actually?  I also ask people as to how many friends do they have? And answers I get are pretty interesting ranging from many to a few and some even say I don’t have any. We’ll it also depends on as to what kind of person you are but whatever it may be you do have someone whom you can call friends.

I have been quiet lucky in that sense to have a few but true friends. Oh yes that is one term we add to our definition of friends as we grow up ‘true friend’.  A true friend who is there for you always to laugh with you to comfort you when the chips are down to tell you how fool u had been and to party with you when you are successful and many more things the list goes on and on and on.

Strange thing though is the few true friends you have are the ones whom you never thought that they would turn out that way. In my case by true friends are those whom I never thought I will ever interact with and rest are just left out as timely acquaintances.

Few incidents also tend to define who your true friends are… Those who are there when u least expect them to be.. Those for whom you are always included in every occasion.. Those who dare to order you and listen to you whenever required.

Life changes day in day out but each day gives you a new hope and to know that you have friends around to share things and walk through makes it even more fun to lead this life.

So why write this post.. Well life is too short and it is necessary to value it and the people in it as much as u can.. So this is just to express my gratitude for having been blessed with wonderful people around me to whom I can proudly say are my friends. Thank you all for being there 🙂


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