Demonetisation .. The new tsunami gripping India. 


With the late night news of prime minister Narendra Modi Demonetising   the 500 and 1000 Rs note the whole nation went into jubilation saying yuppiee Master stroke my the PM surgical strike on black money what a man etc etc etc. But by 8:30 there was this realization, “oh fuck the notes in my pocket are worthless now”, and with this thought everyone rushed to the nearest atm to withdraw money or deposit there now worthless denominations.

The same money which had loads of value a moments ago now was just piece of scrap paper. No one was ready to accept the currency.. Hotel hospitals shop vendors you name the institution and everyone was like sorry sir this isn’t of any value.

OK the PM assured everyone, guys chill tomorrow and day after tomorrow the atms will be closed but I give you 50 days to return ur currency and exchange it for the new ones. Everyone is happy Yay…

But wait there is a catch you will get only upto 4000 a day opps.. Ok fine.

Day 2. People are confused as to what to do the public opinion divided and the media and social media going crazy with their sentiments of nationalism patriotism etc etc. Hmmm fine till then..

Day 3 the banks reopen and there is huge line outside the atms and banks some even running kilometers and as fast as the line grew the cash exhausted at more rapid the pace. End result still no money in hand and thoughts of how to spend the next day in mind.

Another catch to this.. Well the festive season is just over marriage season is in session and now there is no money. OK cool postpone the marriages for the greater good fine. What about the daily wage workers what about the farmers what about the thousand of crores of people whose daily life goes on hand to hand cash transactions? Hospitals not cooperating some are but many aren’t shopkeepers not budging some giving credit but not others.. The unrest is so much so that some rumor went wild saying salt won’t be available for the next few days and the cost of such basic commodity Sky rocketed.. Salt which was 20rs a kilo was now sold at 500rs a kilo.. Such was the panic level.

OK fine we don’t give a Damm we r nationalists and patriots to the core we will suffer for the nations good. The new notes brought out are 500 and 2000. Now the old 100 Rs notes are over the new 500 ones are over and the banks and atms are vending 2000 ones. But then how will you change them?. There is not enough smaller currency to change for the higher 2000 one… So just like 1000 weren’t accepted coz they were illegal 2000 aren’t accepted coz there isn’t any money to give in return. Reports of a few people dying in atm line are also circulating.. Those are some headlines. People debating on the validity of this decision is also going on. But then I don’t give a Damm about any of these tell me sir why wasn’t this done in a proper planned way? Why wasn’t the machinery set up to handle this chaos? Why do lives have to cost for this so called “black money”?  How many rich people are standing in the line is another question but still why wasn’t enough replacement currency made available before hand.. Taking such a massive decision why weren’t the repercussions Considered?  Why sir why and why was a worthless higher currency introduced when there wasn’t any of lower value to change it?  But still Mera bharat Mahan. And I will suffer for this greater supposed good and bright future of this nation.


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