A doctor in a big hospital . . 3

Shocked and stunned he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. . Is it all over ? Are my dreams crushed ?  What am I supposed to do now ? And many such questions started bombarding his mind. He was shocked he was stunned and more than anything he was sad . What to do next . . The only thought which came to his mind was to go and meet his dean and ask as to why the documents aren’t being released . So with this in mind he went to the dean office . 

He stood there waiting for the grumpy old man to get done with his work so he could get an opportunity and talk. After a few minutes the dean turned his head towards him, “yes what is the matter? ” ,  our doctor explained to him everything, how it was his first attempt how the university has the rule of exemption  but the grumpy old man wasn’t ready to listen and even told him that he isn’t the only one to have cleared the entrance and he has not given the documents to others as well. Disappointed and dejected he came out and again went to the academics section . . . One old clerk who knew him well told him that the old man is mad and u should go to the medical directorate and take their issue. 

When he came back home everyone was equally stunned at hearing his tale . But no one let him down , “don’t you worry we will sort it out” , this was the unanimous reply from his family members . 

2 days left to the admission deadline what will happen next . . 
To be cont’d. . . 


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