Basic instincts . . . Version Mom. 

Well how why and what is it with mothers that they have these instincts which always warn their children what to do and what not to do. 

Recent example is about the Sunday bike ride . Well from the previous ride we were pretty pumped up about this one all geared up and ready to go..but the moment I told mom that we are again going for a ride , she was like why again you went once na what’s u gonna do going again and again stay home relax etc etc . .  But then do u listen to your mom on such advices. . . Well as usual neither did I . 

Sunday came and we rode off. The ride was superb we reached our destination had loads of fun took plenty of photos and just when the it nothing could possibly go wrong we met an accident . 

Damm mommy told you not to go. . . This was what going on in my mind at the time . I fell on my side Banged up my arm and chest ,  a stone pierced my buddy’s hand and the pleasant day turned into a nightmare . 

With all the scratches and bruises I had to ride back all the way home. On the way we went to the hospital took the necessary medications and injections did all the tests which by God’s grace came back negative . I called up my friends to inform that I won’t be able to come to work tomorrow and we both came home . 

But hey the comedy of errors wasn’t over yet . As I reached home one of my friends called asking where am I as I told I was at home she was like dude we are in the hospital . . . . And Am like wtf u guys came all the way. . . Hmmm Ok after a brief discussion with her and my mom I told them to come home. .  After a while I get a call again saying dude don’t worry you take rest we will have dinner and go back . My and my friend and my mom we are all stunned and laughing as to what’s going on with these guys first they come then say they are coming and then they go back. Now that seriously is some dark comedy . 

BTW we were both hungry as we didn’t have anything post lunch so to celebrate our day we ordered some delicious food from this nearby restaurant and enjoyed the meal. . . And yeah moms I had told you not to go and you don’t listen , that scene was also done somewhere we reaching home and having dinner. 

We both fell on the bed going back through the day and decided to take a bruised selfie as a reminder. . . Always listen to what your mom says . . . And laughing at each other we both went to sleep . . . . 


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