Trolls. . Movie review 

A light hearted happy happy kind of animation movie . . If that’s what you see looking for then trools is the right option to spend this weekend with . 

Directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn the movie takes place in a far away land where live two kind of creatures the trools and the bergen. The movie is about them and how the Trolls get in to trouble and how their optimistic and caring Princess poppy (Anna Kendrick )  along with her opposite no. Branch (Justin Timberlake )  and others save the day. 

The songs in the movie are good and light hearted . The movie sets about a positive vibe all around and the kids will definitely fall in love with all the cute characters . 

Story is . . Well predictable from the start . . What’s worth watching is the beautifully created animations songs and a bit of humor when in the Trolls literally poop cupcakes . 

All in all a good movie to watch specially if you have little ones around you .  


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