Dr.Strange…Movie review. 

Dr. Strange is the latest in line from the MCU and it doesn’t fail to deliver. Though almost 2 and a half hr long the movie manages to engage the audience all along . Crisp action scenes a pinch of humor here and there and brilliant acting from all the actors the movie is a must watch for all the marvel and comic movie fans . 

Dr. Strange starts with the typical introduction of a brilliant neurosurgeon proceeds on to his tragic fate and then the emergence of a powerful hero. In between is also a romantic angle which fits in beautifully and doesn’t seem unnecessary . Benedict cumberbatch in his role as Dr. Strange has done a MARVELOUS job and is qwerky and smart at the same time . 

The Imax experience is almost as amazing as the movie . The over an hour of awesome 3D footage makes for one more reason to watch the movie . 

The story is blended in smoothly . . The direction is good acting wise . . Well everyone delivers on what they are asked for . 

Plus one shouldn’t miss out on the two post credit scenes the movie has to offer. Avengers infinity wars is gonna be awesome and with Thor ragnarok lined up next the coming year is definitely gonna be awesome for all you marvel fans . 
So what you waiting for . . Go watch the next show 🙂 



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