A doctor in a big hospital . . . Ch.2

Gazing at the stars lying on his bed he thought to himself “finally its done. . Whatever I wanted I have got it. . Well what if not psychiatry , public health is equally good ” , the battle in his mind continued and he fell asleep. Next morning was the day. . The one for which he had waited a long long time. . The day to go and take admission in his desired college.  But first he had to go back to his old one to collect all his original certificates .

Entering the gates of his old college was a bit nostalgic. . He hadn’t been here for almost a year now and he knew that this would be his last visit here .  . . . Or So he thought .

Meeting old professors on the way telling them about his accomplishment meeting the juniors talking with them he reached the academic section with his application . Things were just about to go south. First news to break. . Sorry your bond is lost you will have to make a new one. . Well he knew how the academic section was so he took it with a pinch of salt . . Went to the court and made a new one. . Came back submitted the documents and was told to wait till the evening till the dean signs the application .

So feeling happy he went to the hostel all his peers were waiting for him to celebrate and party. . As the clock ticked ahead his joy was increasing by the minute .

At 4 he decided to go back to the academics section to collect his documents .

“sir is it done? ” , he said with a smile on his face., ” sorry , your application is rejected your documents cannot be released . . Sir has refused to sign the application “said the clerk at the counter..  he stood there shell-shocked not knowing what just hit him…
To be continued…


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