Cafe Trofima 

after a hard days work if you are looking for a place to just sit relax and sip some good coffee and you happen to be in shivaji park area of mumbai then cafe Trofima is a place to go.


recently opened at a place where uptill now was a Irani cafe ,this place has swiftly made its mark.a go to place for any age group. the place is nice and cozy ,gives you a sense of ease the moment you enter. though its not a big place but the arrangement of tables sure is done quiet nicely.
the ambiance inside is soothing and the place itself is decorated beautifully. wordings and tea pots carved out in the walls give a nice look to them. near the kitchen you can sea quiet a few numbers of coffee mugs suspended from the roof.


as you enter a smile naturally occurs on your face as you see beautifully made pastries at display at the coffee counter..a arrangement well made by the management.

the staff is also nice and give you a warm welcome …starting from the one booking tables outside to the person serving you your food its a good experience all together.

coming to food the food is also good tasty and not high on budget .a hot mocha comes for 140 rupees and with the coffee you are also served up two sticks of chocolate cookies(which are tasty in their own rights). the food is also good the appetizers are delicious and the mains complement them to perfection. for the ones having a sweet tooth there is a good variety of freak shakes available to choose from.


serving time isnt too long and the food is served hot. and cost wise a full meal including your coffee for two people doesnt go beyond 1200 rupees.


all in all a good place to visit when you looking for some time off and want to relax enjoying your favorite cup of coffee/tea whichever you prefer.

address : Road 2, Raja Bade Chowk, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai.  phone :022 33126847

do give it a try if you ever happen to be here 🙂




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