Gazals…a soul soothing music

when it comes to music we all have different tastes and preferences and then there is a different form of music for different moods different situation . jazz hip hop hindi classical bollywood but for me the one which stands out is a form called gazal . it’s a form of music which is never loud and always has a deep meaning hidden in the lyrics . love devotion heart breaks sorrow depicted to the core in each line . you can put the song on loop and it will just go on and each time you hear its a new experience all together.

another fascinating thing about gazals is one can easily relate to them ,the situations the quotes look all to familiar when one has a closer look .

when you talk of gazals especially in india one name comes automatically to mind and that is of the late gazal maestro jagjit singh the name is just synonymous with gazals in india and may be all over the world.

another name which is just as famous is of ghulam ali ,this great man from pakistan has an equally good voice and his gazals are also awesome .

since i have talked about gazals in here ill list a few of my favorites hope you guys like them


these are just a few and there are many more melodies you can hear to do give them a try 😀


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