Rains in Mumbai… 

Well the city of dreams has many shades and when the monsoon arrives it turns all gray. 

Monsoon these days has become quiet unpredictable. There was rain for a month then a whole month went dry and now again it’s raining cats and dogs.

Now  you will ask what’s my experience with it?  Well let’s take this season,  making 60kms a day each day on my bike the rains have been a constant companion these days.  Going from the smooth and nice palm Beach road to the crowdy and chaotic chembur and up ahead on to busy busy Dadar. The route offers a new view each day. And with the constant rain for the company its all the more interesting. 

Mind you no windcheater can cheat the Mumbai rain. Belive me I have first hand experience of the this. Going on the road cutting through the pouring rain. Feeling each drop hit you everywhere it’s just awesome.  The greenery along the road the beauty of the creek while crossing over the flyover makes you wonder the usual city Drowned in smog has this kind of beauty as well. 

Feeling the wind blow across your face.. Experiencing the chills and getting those goosebumps. It’s all together a whole new experience. 

And in all this its my beast my bike which holds everything together getting me to and fro  and never letting me down. Throttling it to full power and cutting through the street it seriously feels like God. 

Monsoon is going on.. And still some fun left.. Let’s see what the winter brings 🙂 


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