When we actually used to talk… 

Times change so do scenarios and with them the medium with which we communicate. Me being a 90s kid I have seen the change come very fast. My childhood was all about group talks one on one talks and the good old landline telephone, receiving letters from distant relatives was still a thing and reading them imagining the person saying through was a different experience all together.  Then came the age of mobile phones. The very basic ones were first we got our hands on and soon SMS became the new trend. Getting new top up plans for SMS daily was the trend. Soon the basic phones graduated to smart phones and came the age of mobile Internet and with that of various messenger apps from Yahoo to nimbuzz we had n. No of such apps.. Those were the days when social networking was just taking its baby steps and the latest and greatest thing out there was orkut… Sending msgs as scraps writing testimonials for friends adding friends making and joining new communities was the thing of the time. Facebook somewhere was starting out. Times changed and came what’s app which struck the final nail in the coffin of SMS.. And the gradual growth of Facebook well I don’t think I need to elaborate more. 

So as someone who has seen times change I find it quiet amusing and at times sad that we progressed so quickly. If I remember correct in our childhood mothers day or fathers day was more about our parents more about letting them know we love them and respect them.. Making greetings talking with them spending time together those were the things which made the day special.. Fast forward a few years now we have elaborate posts praising ones parents, who I doubt  even know what their son/daughter has written. Likes and comments flow in but where is the emotion attached to it. Rather than making a long post couldn’t we just say “I love you mom /dad”  won’t that suffice. 

There was a time when we used to get down and scream at tip of our voice calling out our friends and having a gala time at our special or regular spot.. Now we need to ask.. Na not ask we need to what’s app weather he is there or not?  What happened to that friendship that bond?  Those laughs those fun times? 
These days the trend is of what’s app groups… Hanging out seems to be a thing of past.. These days people just “lol”  online and have a poker face facing their mobile screens… Where is the charm in such living? 

Writing a letter.. Well now that seems prehistoric to me.. Once a while i think I should write letters to myself. May be that way in future I’ll atleast get a glimpse of my own self. 

Talks have reduced and thumb movements have increased. Love has reduced and show off has increased. 

Previously atleast relationship breakups were done in person.. These days just two words suffice “it’s over”  and then you delete the no. Unfriend on Facebook block on what’s app and vola it’s done. 
What is happening to us? I know change is the only constant thing but then is this change really helpful? What meaning does our life have in such a scenario?  May he it’s time we think about it and start making amends… Else few year down the line am sure life will be as showed in the movie surrogates where humans are just confused to their homes and robots do our everything on their behalf. 


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