Life in a virtual world… 

Not so long ago we used to live life.. I mean literally we used to live, but since the past few years I find myself asking this question time and again… Have we forgotten how to live? 

Since the advent of Facebook Instagram Twitter etc life has become more of a show off than actual life.  Going out somewhere people first post about it on social networking site.. Then when they reach the place there is this compulsory check ins… I can’t understand is there really any need to let the world know what u r doing where u r going and secondly is anyone really interested in knowing what you do what u not.. Looking at the said post the so called friends also give a customary like and the vicious cycle continuous. 

Second fad these days is about selfies.. God if someone tallies the total no of photographs taken in the past century to that of one’s taken in the past few years am sure the no will be larger for the latter part.  You wake up u take a selfie u got out u take a selfie u meet ur friends u take a selfie selfie selfie and many more selfie. Height was reached when one person took a selfie with the dead body of one of his deceased relative.  But still the trend continues. 

Watching something attending some event going for picnics all these stuff also seems to have lost it’s fun element. Earlier people used to make memories these days people record them I don’t even know from all the video shootings and photographs do they even go through them once the day ends. 

Watching a live event enjoying it seems a farfetched thought.. People Are more busy recording them and clicking picture.. I mean if u just wanted to record why did u even bother to come.. Most live events are anyhow recorded and made public… So shouldn’t you be a part of the record and enjoy the same?. 

New trend these days is using a hash tag in each line u use… So what does a hash tag do well nothing much it just makes ur word more prominent and others using the same might come across your post. So “feeling happy after a long time”  goes like this “#feeling # happy #afteralongtime ###”  and a few more hash tags. 

Frankly speaking no one gives a shit about what u r feeling so rather than going Gung ho about it why don’t you feel your own feelings why don’t you try and live the moment. A few likes or a few comments is all you will get for doing so much but then is it worth it?  What have we gained and what have we lost?. 
Going out to dine.. The food first comes on Instagram before going in your stomach. I don’t think much needs to be said. 

We are humans we will grow old we will have children grand children..  Will they like to hear stories of your experiences or will they like to just see your photos and recordings (if they survive the test of time and memory)?  Think about it. 

It’s never too late to start living this life again in a true sense 🙂  



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