Well the reason to say “teachers” and not “teacher” is quiet simple and that being we tend to meet n no of people and many of them knowingly or unknowingly teach us many a things.  But today am not gonna talk about “teacher”  in any philosophical sense but in a sense most of us relate to a teacher like the one in school the one in college and the other in your degree college. 

So starting off with my school days.. Well schooling in IES V. N. Sule guruji or simply king George high school as its otherwise known as was a task in itself. When you are studying in one of the biggest schools in the city which has like 10 divisions each containing a bare minimum of 70 students that too from standard 1 to 10 you can imagine how the scenario must be. But then we were also very fortunate to have teachers who really cared for us. Some were strict some were mellow and some were the best of the both worlds. From my school days as far as I can remember the best teacher I came across was actually in my last year  in school and that was our class teacher Mrs.tikhe mam a genuine sweetheart each bit caring about us and always had a way of handling us in the sweetest of manner. Sending in troops when someone went missing selecting from the boys for any important functions and defending us when we ourselves knew that we were wrong. And one who always had a confidence in us supported us and yeah even thought us geography.  Even today when we get time we make it a habit to pay a visit to her in school school brings back memories some bitter some sweet and it’s always nostalgic when you cross that iron gate and enter the ground realizing that you won’t be running around in these corners again won’t be eating in that blessed canteen.. Well let’s leave school for some other time.. Ah to think of I haven’t met mam in quiet a while guess she would be thrilled to know one of her pupils is doing great these days… Guess I’ll have to take some time out to pay my school a visit soon. 

So after school comes college. To be frank I studied in one of the best colleges in the city and that’s Ruia college in matunga…but then we never went college to study right well definitely not me. Banking lectures going movies doing time pass on the katta doing theater that’s how my two years there passed to donno how our teachers were.. And of the lectures we did attend well we were busy chit chatting or playing games on our mobile phones.. Typically back benchers :). 

Well after junior college came cet preparation classes over there the teachers worth mentioning are Dr. Jha who was our botany teacher.. Seriously the guy had a way to teach plants.. Why else would be rush always to attend a botany class his mannerism his way of teaching was top class. Another one was our physics teacher a IIT graduate the most laid back teacher I had ever seen.. He used to work in a foreign mnc and do teaching as a pass time hobby and mind you he was quiet good at it too… Our sessions also Involved analysis of handwriting telling enthusiastic students how to calm down and other stuff. And then there was our physics professor a aged guy who held a director level post in BARC,  Dr. Salim he had his unique way of teaching what entrigued me the most was after a couple of classes the guy started predicting my questions it used to be quiet a scene I used to raise my hand to ask something and he would be like “tu yahi puchna chahta Hai na..”  and then he would turn around and explain the whole thing.. Physics never was my domain but this guy somehow made my thinking wheels roll. 

And thus classes were over I got admitted in to a med school or medical college. Now these are 5 years where you should be thought how to do things but then we were just told… “no one is gonna do spoon feeding you have to learn on your own”  and our reaction was like wtf come on guys 5yrs down the line we are gonna be dealing with patients atleast don’t have this attitude. Anatomy biochemistry were just duds we studied on our own and got through them.. The anatomy disection hall was a comedy circus and at times we ourselves felt ashamed as to what we were doing I hope the situation is different in other places but at our place it was.. Come cut see what you can and the rest “everything is given in the Cunningham”  the one book no one actually read. The only bright spot in first year was our dean Dr. Maitra who used to and I guess still teaches physiology and that too particularly central nervous system she used to explain things in a understandable manner and about rest well the lesser said the better. 

So from first we jumped to second God the most tiring year in med school. Pathology microbiology forensic medicine and pharmacology 4 deadly subjects. Pathology and microbiology were for self study to be frank. And yeah they had attendance value. Forensic was awesome both Dr. Ghadghe and Dr. Kulkarni the head of dept were awesome teachers. Dr. Ghadghe sir deserves a special mention as he was a mentor to us as well. Guiding us through difficult phases telling how to do things how not to he was a able person and we have nothing but heartfelt respect for him. 

Come third year there you have ent ophthalmology and psm (now am doing my post graduation in it). 

Go to RGMC and ask ent am sure you will get to hear only one name and that’s Dr. Amol khale… Seriously one brilliant teacher I mean his understanding of the subject and his way of explaining was so terrific there won’t be a thing which won’t be clear to you after his lecture.. Yeah at times we used to say “sir soda na itka pan nai vicharat exam madhe”  not to him obviously. and as good a teacher he is he is a equally good human being soft spoken very articulate with a good command of language and always supportive. And third year final year and internship whole be incomplete if I don’t mention the name of our beloved Dr. Kartikeyan sir,  I mean seriously I have never come across a more student friendly teacher leave aside a head of the department…when we used to shock at his door his first words be like “bataiye kya seva Kar Sakta Hu”  how can someone be so humble so polite I always used to wonder.. And sir had knowledge form almost every area we used to ask and if not he always knew whom he could send us to. Whatever the problem you always had Dr. K (as we fondly referred to him) for guidance from which pg seat you should choose and where is the scope to how to find loop holes and make use of the system sir had answers to all our questions. 

And then as I moved past final year approached medicine surgery gyne peads ortho etc etc.. Medicine well for me it was the hod Dr. Sharma sir who attracted the most attention. Looking at him you could say well that guy is a doctor that was his attitude his presence. During my final year I can say I’ll remember 3 teachers long enough and may be always two were from my surgery department and the other from the department of pediatrics. Starting off with surgery it would be Dr. Mane sir and Dr. Meshram sir one a senior professor and other a youngster (if I may call him that) mane sir for the reason that guy was Living example of down to earth person.. Though he had a sizable reputation as a surgeon but there was no arrogance nothing at all.. Patient care always came first for him am glad I got to spend time with him. And second is Dr. Meshram sir.. Well a brilliant surgeon himself and a equally good teacher and yeah a vocal publicist of Bailey and love :p well seriously every 3-4 sentence had the reference.. After a while we even started taking down notes of those references.. His clinical case discussions also used to be fun filled and as sir was the youngest in the dept they always had jokes and puns :p for some reason he used to refer me as a dark horse in the group lol used to sound quiet funny those days.. Now he is abroad.  Wish him all the success.. 

This list would always be incomplete without mentioning the name of Dr. Sunil junagade my peadiatrics professor. The only professor for whom I actually used to sit on the first bench. Till date I haven’t seen someone so crystal clear in the basics and concepts like sir is. From nothing he can explain you everything such is his understanding.. And since he is also a Navi Mumbai Kar we used to get along a bit :p always jovial in his behaviors and always trying to make you things understand in the simplest of manners. Well if I am to give the award of best teacher to someone from my med school life that will surely go to him 🙂 

Huss.. That’s quiet a lot.. Now am doing my post graduation.. Let’s see how these 3 years end up 🙂


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