Family is something with which we are blessed the moment we are born it’s like an institution where we are admitted free of cost and which takes care of us nurtures us and eventually makes us what we are. 

To think of it for me it’s a bit tricky. My parents separated when I was a infant so I just don’t know my paternal side.. But on the other hand what I got I much more than enough for me. 

To start of my mom basically a warrior  in her own right one highly educated woman a strong willed person who battled all odds to raise me into what I am today. Sacrificing all other glories for your child well it takes a strong strong heart for one to do. My greatest inspiration the corner stone of my life the best thing about me if someone asked me I’d say is to be my mother’s child. 

My grandfather and grandma ah what to say about them. Well I didn’t get to spend much time with my grandpa but of what ever little I had it was awesome. He was a well respected person in whole of our village a school teacher and also a freedom fighter during his days.. Even today my uncles and aunts are known by his name, if they say their name, the response is “aacha gurujinchi Mula ka”  (oh you are the children of our teacher). Much can be said about my grandpa but I’ll leave that for my mom to write.. Have told her to compile her memories about him hope she does that soon.  And about my granny well she’s a sweetheart always loving caring and yeah the best cook in the world. In our village she is knows as “sugunabai” meaning one with beautiful character though her original name is different people generally refer her by this name, guess that says a lot about how she is. 

After them comes my uncles in regards to me well I have always be the favorite kid in the family (that’s until my younger cousins were born) so much love was is and I guess will always be showered on me. My elder uncle though a strict high ranking police officer professionally but is quiet the opposite with me… Much more like a  friend philosopher and guide kinda relationship and his 2 little ones well they are the gems of our family brilliant naughty smart cute.. Well I can go on adding the adjectives so basically they are everything good you can think about and equally is their mother. 

They say much of what you are is based on how your upbringing has been how your family is how they handle things and I can proudly say that I am proud to be a part of my family one with a strong legacy and awesomeness associated 🙂


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  1. honestme363 says:

    That’s such a sweet and remarkable story, Rohan. 😊

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    1. Thank you for your kind words dear 😊

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