When unpredictability is the most predictable thing. 

So life these days has become so unpredictable.. You expect one thing and the exact happens.. You want to do something and next thing you know is… Well you are like jhon snow from the game of thrones series who knows nothing. 

These days I can even give try and emulate rosesh from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and just be like “momma… What are you saying” 

Like seriously I don’t have a fucking clue what am I writing why am I writing.. And by this time you must be wondering “what the fuck am I reading” 

 Confusion seems to be surrounding me these days.. Only a while ago I was pretty focused on one thing.. Moments later that thing seems like a distant past. 

And then there are other people who behave in the worst possible way one can acting dumb being mean and some are so talented that they even manage to do all such things at the same time.. 

The book called secret revealed says one attracts what one thinks.. So going by that logic I seems to be a chu magnet I mean.. Well forget what I mean this doesn’t even matter. 

If you have managed to read this far.. Bro/sis you deserve a salute 🙂 I hope more people around me have this level of patience :p


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