Ramadan special… A visit to Mohammed Ali road aka bhendi Bazar.. 

Beautiful isn’t it

To be in Mumbai that too during the month of Ramadan and not visit Mohammed Ali road I think it should be considered a crime (vegetarians please look away 😂). 

Mohammad Ali road during the Holy month is a grand extravaganza in  itself, the beautifully lit roads the crowded street and mouth watering dishes on offer. 

Sweets anyone 😉

So it was aa regular evening (just a bit showering above us 😈) and we decided to pay a visit to this wonderful place. Initially everyone was quiet enthusiastic but as the rain started down pouring the mood started to dwindle down.. The rain it seemed was playing cat and mouse with us.. At times it used to pour like anything at times it used to mellow down.. Confused weather to go or not we decided to go and am glad we decided to go. 

Kabaaaaaabs 😀

Riding in Mumbai on a rainy night is a awesome experience in itself and so we went ahead moving slowly and steadily through the ever so congested traffic and made our way to the place. 

Reaching there we were awestruck by just looking at the beautifully lit street and the delicious food which was displayed on the road.. 

Chicken kebabs of various variety.. Chicken rools egg rolls.. Chicken tandoori.. Mutton haleem.. The badami haleem.. Restaurants catering outside with people flogging around and waiting to get their hands on the yummy foodfood. 

Dry fruits…

Then there was bademiyas chicken soup stall which was house full.. Shwarmas of various flavored chicken Tikka.. 

This was just the food but the sweets on display are another story all together. 

If you have a sweet tooth am sure you will get a tooth ache after visiting this place.. 

Everyone having a good time..

Cham Cham malai sandwich ras malai.. The famous firni the delicious Malpua the pedhas the awesome faloodas ah.. My mouth is watering even while writing this so u can guess how it must be to be up close and personal and being able to enjoy and savor these dishes 

So after having filled our tummies with these yummy stuff we decided to go to Marine lines aka the Queens necklace now that’s another awesome landmark of Mumbai and visiting there at night during the rainy season is just bliss.. The cool breeze blowing the waves splashing on the rocks at times even reaching till ur feet… Ah its just awesome.. 

So the next time you are in Mumbai and that too during the Holy month do give this awesome place a visit am sure you won’t be disappointed  



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