Sunday special for mom… 

So today is Sunday.. That too a monsoon one.. With a beautiful weather outside the drizzle all around the greenery which has surrounded everything… just a perfect day. 

So how to make this perfect holiday even better… Cooking… Of course.. Staying away from home most of the time you tend to miss your mom’s delicious food but then when you are around why not give her a day off and cook for her 😁 
And I decided to do just that.. Told mom that am gonna cook today and you just enjoy the food. 

Step one to out and fetch the required stuff… Well lately am having a lot of chicken and even today I was thinking of cooking the same but then I was like nah.. Not today let’s cook something vegetarian today.. So the decided stuff was a nice rich and tasty paneer (cottage cheese) gravy with nice and soft home made chapati. 

Spices and onion mingling together 😉

And then after getting all the ingredients I started my journey towards the tasty dish.. One by one all the things came into place the paneer the onions the yogurt the spices and the final result was a blissfully tasty paneer gravy 


Yo.. Yogurt tomatoes are nicely coming together

The gravy is looking yumm….

Serving it to mom in a well decorated platter made up a awesome thing too.. And hearing her praise the food comparing it with how it’s much more better than the restaurant stuff and how delicious it has turned out just made my day… The Sunday special seems to have worked it’s magic. Love my mom 🙂  

The final outcome seems something like this 😁

One more time 😉

Let’s hope next Sunday I can come up with something just as if not more delicious than this week 



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