What should I do? 

The question keeps haunting me time and time again.. I have had fairly successful career up till now I did my mbbs then am doing my MD these days but then there still remains a emptiness which keeps haunting me again and again.. 

I have heard and read great quotes great success stories many a good things but aged 26 am still searching this one thing I can just go after with all my heart… Writing seems a good answer I like doing it but then like other stuff I don’t do it consistently.. I want to take up a sport and go ahead with it I have pondered on that idea quiet  a few times but then again am just being lazy to go and visit the training facility… I want to learn music I even brought myself a guitar but then again it’s just sitting in the corner of my room.. I have started so many things and I have just pushed the pause button on each of them… Why? Frankly I don’t know… I am good at sketching few months ago I was doing it on a regular basis… So I decided that I should fine tune my hand.. I even brought guide books…. But then as usual they are sitting in the corner too.. 

Gosh thinking all of this at times I wonder… What’s the great plan for me? Guess the almighty has written my script in his spare time… Adding so many twists so many plots and then I think he forgot what to do next and how to bring the story arcs to a full circle… Uparwale sun raha Hai tu… Bhai kuch to complete Kara de 😂😂 

Guess my rant will fall on his deaf ears.. Well seems it’s time for me to take a bit of control.. Make small achievable goals and move forwards.. 

So a few things I wish to do : 

Get back to writing 

Get the guitar out and start strumming it 

Go to the bloody sport Academy and enroll myself 

start my sketching again 

And… Do a little bit of studies as well 😂 
Hmmm so let’s hope I achieve at least a few of these things and keep a track of things and move them ahead 🙂 

So let’s sign off on a positive note 



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