Sometimes I wish I could…

The line is from the song “quit playing games with my heart” from the back Street boys , well to be Frank it is one of my favorite songs and one which I can hear all the time. But to think of it on another level don’t we always keep thinking “oh I wish I could” and am sure it’s quiet more than “sometimes”.

Life is so full of uncertainty so many unexpected twists and turns and so many things which we just do based on our instincts. But it is only later when we sit down and just wonder could I have done things differently had I been this or that would I have made some another choice ? What would have been the effect if I had done things differently ? So many questions keep doing round of our mind and well they keep doing so untill we encounter a new twist.
Guess it’s some kind of vicious cycle of life where we all have those ” I wish I could ” moments.

We may have become wise smart and intelligent , we might have become more rational…but these ifs and buts will always remain a part of our life.

You might be wondering what am I getting at.. Well it’s just a silly thought …”sometimes i wish I could just switch off the ‘if and but’ ‘what if’ centres of my brain”….wouldn’t life be so much easier that way… No more regrets no more going back in time..only way to look is to look ahead..
Hmmm just some random thought…

Cheers πŸ˜‰


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  1. honestme363 says:

    Lessons learned and tools to help us to make different decisions the next time 😊

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