having a companion…

its during the hard and difficult times we tend to actually realize the importance of having a companion….yeah thats the usual story how people tend to realize this very important aspect of life …but this begs the question why dont we value our companion when we are happy ?

this thought has been bothering me for a while and still tends to confuse me …why dont we realize the importance of having our companions during our happy times ?

lets imagine its your birthday and there is someone who has been up late or has put in extra hours just to make u a cake or say plan a surprise for you or may be just be there for u or stay up till 12 to wish you..ok if not birthday say any other occasion where someone is there to hold your hand and smile with you or may be smile for you or be the reason for your smile…. shouldnt we all take a notice of this ?

realizing things when we are happy i suppose is more important than realizing when things are going south.. i mean when things are bad such things are quiet obvious arent they ?

but when in good times why do we then to ignore them or may be take them for granted or just assume that yeah they will be there no need to worry no need to appreciate.

well i dont need to stress here how important it is to have a companion i just want to say is it is equally important to realize their worth and hold on to them not just when things are bad but also when they are cheerful and happy..


it doesnt cost us anything to express our love or feelings plus i think they would be more realistic when expressed in happier times than in the gloomy ones when ones eyes are teary…frankly wont our companion love to listen to “i love you” with a smile on your face rather than a tear rolling down?


think about it 🙂

cheers ….


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  1. Completely true😊

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