Sketch of the day: Mahadev aka Lord shiva

Greatest of them all...devadhidev mahadev

Drawn on 29/12/2015…



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  1. honestme363 says:

    That’s so cool. Are you using marker?

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    1. Ink pen and marker both 🙂

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      1. honestme363 says:

        The patience required! And yes I am snoopy and clicked on the picture to get a closer look 😉

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      2. Hahaha yeah requires quiet a bit of patience :p but then it’s satisfying when the final outcome is good 😁

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      3. honestme363 says:

        And it must put you in a really great creative zone? Lots of fun, just like meditation…Happy New Year to you Rs. 😊 wishing you all the best in 2016. ☺

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      4. Hehe art is always fun…what about you what art form gives you much pleasure 🙂 and yeah happy new year have a great one….Btw u can address me as rohan 🙂

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      5. honestme363 says:

        Score ! I always wondered what the R was for 🙂 I love to paint. Have you ever heard of Bob Ross? He had tv show called “the joy of painting”. Lots of good instruction there, a little frustrating at times because it doesn’t quite come out the same. Alas, my acrylics are hidden away until my daughter becomes old enough to not paint on the walls 🙂 Happy New Year Rohan 🙂

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      6. Well to be Frank I had not heard of him before today but am glad you mentioned him here …I juts watched a few of his YouTube videos and damm the guy paints awesome and explains beautifully …. May be someday I’ll try my hand at painting ( I suck at at badly :p )
        Well I hope one day you and your little one paint together that would be so beautiful 🙂
        And again wish you a very happy new year 😁 god bless you …

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      7. honestme363 says:

        Thank you Rohan:) And if you come across some of his parodies on you tube, you should check them out too-they are pretty funny. He had a very interesting life,PTSD, anger issues etc and found solace with painting. He appears so calm in his videos but he was not always that way. And with most art, it is not the outcome, but the process that I enjoy the most. Sometimes they have layers and layers of paint to hide the spots that I am not satisfied with. 🙂 Bless you too Rohan. I am really happy to be able to connect with you here in the blogosphere. Our first conversation we had, many months ago, really helped me to come out of my commenting shell and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.;)

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      8. 🙂 the pleasure is all mine ..after all to get to know someone through their writings comments is a pleasure in its itself 🙂
        And about Mr Ross well I’ll surely take note of your suggestion ..we all have phases of life and tend to find solace and peace in something or the other ..isn’t that the beauty of life 🙂 one should be grateful for the gift of life and try to enjoy it as much as possible….and well I fell as much happy as it can be to know that fact that I was able to help you in something 😁

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