a love story…

we all dream of love,of being loved,of being able to love. isnt love a beautiful thing?

so as beautiful as love in itself may be the beauty of a true blue love story always has its own shine. so what makes a love story so beautiful so intricate and so full of every emotion known to man. well for first it takes two individuals to be ready to take this amazing ride. so if you are not ready for love and not ready to accept the whole package that comes with it …well your story is going to be one hell of a ride, happy ending is not promised in any story but when it starts unwillingness well most of the times the outcome isnt as what we dream of .

so if we get past the first hurdle of finding two such individuals then comes the next part and that is accepting the person you are with. love at first sight is the usual stuff we get to hear but then what is love at first sight…isnt is more of an attraction which we have for someones external appearance or may be some of his attributes at times some subtle gestures of mannerisms we see a person do….line heard most often goes something like this ,”i fell in love with her when i saw that beautiful smile/eyes/face/spark etc etc etc”, so after your first love at first sight comes the difficult part and thats to know the complete package and that my friends is the tuff ask..if you are ready for it good if not ummm well may lord be your shepherd.

the most important of qualities which are required for a true and successful love story [yeah i say successful because many of us have a true love story but its also true that many of us have a failed one too] are to be able to trust , yeah a simple five letter word which is most important in the four letter word of love. one can write pages about trust but then it isnt something to be written about its something which needs to be felt known and reciprocated from one partner to another. another important thing is sacrifice , yeah it might be hard to digest and is at heart of many a failed relationships ,the ability to sacrifice to let go things sometimes they might be large sometimes small but then these are the things that matter, the feeling that “you are more important” the feeling that “our life together is more important” these are the stuff that matter . to keep your ego in check, yeah we all know the story how love died saving ego ..and yeah its true ,one needs to introspect and see where his true happiness lies. next up comes the quality to tolerate each other.. its true many of us might have said this stuff to each others partner ,”you are just impossible” or may be some other phrase but yeah we all have had this moment and if we are still together then its because we just know that how ever the other person is its he/she whom i have chosen and thats how she/he is.

so these are just a few of the ingredients you require for a perfect love story , these are the common ones and the uncommon ones ,well we keep adding them ourselves and they vary with each of as. just as each restaurant has its signature dish with its very own creation and secret ingredients our love stories are our special dishes which we flavor with our partner and with our own secret ingredients.

may you all have the perfect love story,









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  1. SonniQ says:

    I don’t think you can really call it love at first sight until you’ve been together ten years. Then you know if what you saw was real and wasn’t just based on looks

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    1. Though time period may vary at times are few moments are enough for you to know and at times it takes years..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SonniQ says:

        Sometimes we meet someone and feel as though we’ve known them all our lives. I feel that is true, that life continues beyond our life today. These people have played a role in our lives before.

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      2. Donno about past or future but yeah if you find a person with whom u feel such a connection then surely you are on the right track towards happiness and essentially that’s what matters..


      3. SonniQ says:

        Yes, ultimately that is true.People like that often becomes friends for a life time.


      4. So true and being friends is the best thing in the world ….one relation which has all the emotions

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