India shining…


Well well well ,”yaha kuch bhi ho sakta hai”, “anything is possible in here ” ,…yeah that’s my country my beloved motherland my India wait not India “Hindustan”.
Its a trend these days divide the country on communal lines and enjoy the show.
Latest episode in the series is actor aamir khan talking about his opinion on intolerance in the country. Well he didn’t say anything wrong. I mean with the atmosphere in the country fuming from bans killings elections politics its not that hard to feel insecure.
To talk about a few examples, well a renowned social worker was killed while on morning walk, another writer was killed in his home, a down caste boy was beaten to death in one state to which one of our ministers said ,” dogs die each day the govt can’t address such puny issues” , well these are just a few. Attacks on RTI activists those on whistle blowers are another story.
So in such a situation if you dare express your insecurity what do you get :
1: you are labelled a anti national and asked to leave the country
2: you are shammed on social media and made fun off
3: personal comments are made on you and you are made a villain
4: if you happen to be from the minority community then by default you are a terrorist and should be gunned down
5: brands you endorse are shammed (mind you only those which are, easy
For instance in case of aamir khan people are uninstalling a online retail app called #snapdeal and trending on twitter as #Aapwapsi now snapdeal is free u can install uninstall it with click of a button…but then people aren’t throwing away their Samsung mobiles nor did I see people shamming titan watched well memes on coke were no where to be seen and yeah no one unsubscribed from tatasky d2h services ….well isn’t that a tad hypocritical when you are so much a national patriot and want to protest you can do that also, but then …..anyways)

These are all the goodies you get when you raise your opinion. Well yeah that is true only if you are a famous personality …if you are a common man who gives a fuck what you say..tell me how many of Indians have not dreamt of living In a foreign country how many of the “elite” class live abroad ..why do every other Indian says “is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta” (“nothing can happen of this country”) now please dont say that you have never uttered such words or sentiments before.

But what pains me the most is how nonsense the media in this country is how people react to smallest of issues how they make a huge thing of a trivial matter.

One point they argue is why wasnt aamir khan feeling insecure when 26/11 happened. I mean that’s same as saying why are you putting up French flag dp when you didn’t put Palestine one when Gaza was bombed. There is no point in this argument.

Today the country is getting more and more polarized. You speak a word and you are targeted and demolished. Pseudo pride and shallow patriotism seems to be the flavor of the day.

I can just hope that this situation doesn’t worsen ….else India is a ticking timebomb….just looks at the Hindu vs Muslim comments on Facebook or any other app you see …it just needs a spark to blow….when it happens ….as the Americans say “god save America”…..Indians too will say,” god save India ”



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  1. honestme363 says:

    Rs my heart goes out to you! The tension you must be feeling!


  2. Abhijit says:

    Yeah, so true… Nothing wrong in Aamirs statements..


    1. But sad thing is it has become a big joke now..

      Liked by 1 person

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