India today….


U know something is definitely wrong when hell breaks loose when amir khan talks on intolerance and ppl make it an Hindu Muslim issue ! I mean this country is full of ******* ppl are saying “hey amir u ahole we saw ur pk and we r intolerant …hey amir u should go to Pakistan…hey amir u ass we made u a star though u r a KHAN …” I mean what the fuck……u cannot defend intolerance by bringing in his religion …ppl are getting killed writers are killed social workers are killed rti activists are killed if that’s not intolerance I donno what shit is….get out of ur narrow mindedness and think of it….if such situation continues India isn’t far from Syria ….and our pm lol he is gifting maps to Singapore pm …when he should say something….at this point even if he says “Abba dabba jabba” even that will do …but say something damm it..!

And wait did I mention ppl making posts comparing a martyr with amir khan and comparing the statements of his wife with him..guys are you ppl morons or retarded a martyr who has given his full measure of patriotism shouldn’t be dragged in such nonsensical issues nor should his wives statements be compared to anything. That’s just not right.



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