Everybody lies…

Well nothing great about this revelation but sitting idle this was what was going on in my mind.

Why is this world so much full of lies ? Why does everyone lie ?
And if any of you think that you always say the truth, then I guess you are just delusional.

Simple test ..
When someone asks you…how are you?
What’s the answer….am fine ?
Well that to me is the simplest of lie in its infancy.

But when I think about it…I guess its good that people lie…imagine what a horrible this world would be if everyone starts telling the truth…food for thought 😉





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  1. sonniq says:

    This very thing I have talked about often. When people ask you how you are they really don’t. Want to know, and you know it. Is just like when they say, “Have a nice day” What does that mean? It is just a space filler. If you tried to to tell people how you are they would probably get a horrified look on their face and run in the other direction. Most people are fairly shallow. So we have to hunt for the needles in the haystack.


    1. That’s the world we live in today!

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      1. sonniq says:

        Yes, that is so true. All we can do is look at – and correct our own behavior.


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