Short story …..window…


Walking past the same road for most of her life racheal had one thing in common on her daily journey,weather it rained or it was sunny weather it was Sunday or just another busy weekday,the window across the street. Though the window wasn’t nothing special it was the one who was at that particular window , the good old figure of a Mrs. Verma. Thought racheal didn’t know her personally the two had developed a untold bond between them.

It all started when racheal was in her school and used to playfully walk across the street towards her school and back on a daily basis. Two pony tails that blue frock black shoes with white socks with her water bottle dangling around her neck and school bag on her bag , hoping like a bunny she used to go. Once she had noticed a young Lady watching her activities from her window and just smiling at the beautiful little girl , racheal looked across a bit confused at first she looked here and there before realizing that the smile was meant for her and just like a playful little girl she smile back and danced her way towards her school. That was the day when it all started and it became sort of a ritual where racheal used to walk and the two used to share their daily share of smile.

It went on for years racheal went from school to college , grew up became a beautiful young lady and was soon to get married. That day racheal thought  that she should even invite her smile friend for the happiest day of her life and then she decided to go across the street and know at her friends door.

So she went, a bit hesitant at start at once she even decided to walk back thinking what would she think will she even talk to her etc etc so many thoughts crossed her mind but she somehow gathered the courage and knocked at the door…..with her typical smile she said..hello….and was greeted back with the same smile she was accustomed with for so many years.
That was the day and from then on the two became more than friends.

Today when racheal walks across the street she is still greeted with the same smile from across the street but these days she also gets to see Mrs.verma waving from the window but not at her but at her little daughter steph  who she walks to school.

So, many a times we come across some relations which develop with just an instinct and which stand the test of time and become a part of our lives.
Reflecting on such moments always tend to bring smile on our faces. 




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  1. honestme363 says:

    Very true Rs! A sweet story you created, to help emulate the moral behind it 😀

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    1. Thank you 😁 for your kind words

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  2. nimz says:

    Wow.. This one is wonderful.. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for you kind words … 🙂

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