Short story….Bangles..

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, mahesh was still busy sorting his cupboard and rearranging things. After a few weeks of harping by smita he had finally decided to sort out his things to finally arrange his age old cupboard.


The cupboard was a wooden one placed right in one corner of the bedroom as a memory of distant past. No one used it these days, it was the same cupboard mahesh had during his hostel days at the st.jhon college of engineering. Two doors a few shelves inside a locker in the middle the handles which were cracked and the mirror in front which was broken round the corner.

Every time mahesh used to look in the mirror he could just see the image of his past a lanky young man curled hair fair dark brown eyes wearing t shirt and jeans and spraying deo all over himself. Every stare he had at the mirror would only bring back smile on his face. Today at 34 mahesh a well settled engineer with a wife and 2 little daughters still loves to view his past in the mirror.

“Mahesh are you going to come for lunch or not”,asked smita from the dining room; ” no mam am completing this assignment you tasked me with, you guys continue”. Wondering what he was up to smita came to the bed room, “my God what a mess have you made around this cupboard” she exclaimed , ” dont worry my dear I’ll sort it out you guys have lunch “. Smita shook her head and proceeded towards the dining room.

Sitting in front of the cupboard mahesh again got busy in his task. Everything he touched everything he picked had its own memory attached to it. Some shirts he wore on those gathering days some sheets he made to copy answers during exams from some old cassettes he used to listen back then some files with some old photographs so many things and so many memories , in a way he was revisiting his college life back again. Looking through all this stuff his eyes caught sight of a small cotton pouch kept way behind in the locker the sight was enough for him o recognize what was in there, his face lit up he had a smile but his eyes were wet. He reached out towards the pouch and as he took it out the pouch opened and the inside content feel out, making musical sound on the marble floor the bangles lay in front of mahesh, red blue green all in a pair. He picked them up and was taken back in time.

” mahesh man do it fast even I got to do my shopping how much time are you gonna take choosing these silly bangles…”, “shhh….” ,” o come on man get it done will you”, kishore was trying all he could to get mahesh from the bangle shop but all his words fell on deaf ears. It was the annual fair at the tarapur village situated just a few miles from st.Stephens college of engineering.    mahesh and kishore had come here several times before but today was most probably their last visit here , the college term had ended and tomorrow every one was going to go home. Bags were packed and everyone was buying something or the other for friends and family at the famous annual tarapur fair. But the reason mahesh was here was a bit different from others for his this was his first and last chance to confess his feeling , feeling which he had for aditi for the past 4 long years.
So here he was having decided to tell her about all his feelings on the last day of college , here he was buying bangles for her to give her as his token of love to give her as he would unfold his story to her the bangles to remind her of him to assure her of him and to promise her his love and his commitment towards her.
“Mahesh…you….”, ” yeah m done man stop shouting in my ears “, holding the bangles he had chosen in front of him he said,” what do you think she will say ? Am so nervous man” , “stop it will you the whole world knows about you two so stop this laila majnu thing “, kishore dismissed all the excitement mahesh had in just one statement.

Well it was true though, everyone knew about mahesh and aditi. They were the unofficial couple of st. Stephens. They both denied about anything going on in between them but everyone knew that they were more than ” just friends “.

In the night back at the hostel lying on his bed holding the bangles in his hand mahesh was constantly starring at them and smiling. His mind was filled with thoughts of aditi, the first time they met the first words they spoke to each other the first time they went to watch a movie everything was just going on again and again. Aditi was the first girl mahesh had been so close with his first true friend whit whom he shared everything. The girl for whom he used to dress well who made him study well the same girl who turned a rowdy young guy into a more decent gentleman the girl who thought him what friendship is who made him realize the beauty of life who filled happiness and charm In his life. Remembering her last minute worries before the semester exams her way of correcting his mistakes the way she used to blindfold him from behind out of no where , all he could manage was a big smile on his face. And with this smile he closed his eyes.

Mahesh had asked aditi to meet him near the old gate of library on the last day. To meet his beloved girl he dressed as neatly as he could practiced his little speech a few times in front of the mirror and finally left his room to meet aditi. He reached near the gate looked at his watch and was assures that he was well before the decided time,it was 8:30 am they were to meet at 9 and then mahesh had his train scheduled at 1pm. 8:30 became 9 ,9 went to 9:30 ,10 ,10:30 mahesh started to get anxious ,those were the days when mobiles and sms were yet to be invented. Atleast he decided to make his move. He sprinted pass the old gate had headed straight towards the girls hostel. On the way he met neha aditi’s roommate and asked her about her, what she told just fell as a bomb on mahesh. Aditi’s parents had come the previous night and had took her with them there was even a big argument between them but aditi left teary eyed.

Mahesh took his long walk back towards hostel and just thinking what could have happens that made her go so suddenly , he could just speculate. He tried to reach her but all his efforts went in vein. A few years later he got the news that aditi was married off to some local politician in her town.

The bangles had brought forth all the memories of his past and he was just staring at them.

“Aditi no…no…”, the words fell on his ears as two little hands closed his eyes from behind, he kept the bangles aside grabbed the hands and hugged his little angle softly kissing on his forehead he said ,” love you you little devil”, ” love you pa” said the little girl as she flew in his arms.




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  1. New Journey says:

    love the story and love he named his little one after her….very nice..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and appreciating 🙂


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