What’s the one thing you want in life?  The question bothers each one of us , some say money some say fame some say stability some say this some say that and what not. But only a few realize that the one true thing one needs to get from life is happiness. Why you need money ? To live in luxury ? To drive fast cars? To wear costly cloths ? Or may be why you need fame ? Why you want to be loved ? The answer to all these questions to its very root is happiness. Things which makes us smile,things which bring in joy,things which are fun. Happiness is the ultimate goal one should have in life. When one is happy he is at peace he is content he values his existence.
One should never let go his pursuit of happiness, struggle is other name of life,without struggle without efforts you dont realize the importance of your achievement.
Without falling down you can’t learn to climb back up. Without getting hurt you cannot realize the value of being safe. Without ever failing you cannot realize how much success means.
Life is not a Cake walk nor is it a garden of flowers. It’s a path , with turns twists slopes up and downs, it’s road is at times rough at times smooth,  you well you are just a traveller a traveller on this very road going towards his final goal towards his ambitions his dreams. But what should be there at the core of all this,,,,HAPPINESS… if its not happiness which is there then the journey was just a waste of time.  Without happiness there would be no content there would be no satisfaction there would be no you.

So whatever you are whatever you do and whatever your dreams are just remember one thing ….never let go your pursuit of happiness.




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