The name is Bond…James Bond…


To be frank I still get goose bumps whenever I hear him say that…. Him who? Well of course James… James Bond.
My favourite spy …the perfect spy…the awesome spy….I can go on adding adjectives all day 😁.
So this addiction began when I first saw a bond movie Sean Connery at his magical best in Goldfinger….then from Russia with love…to Pierce brosman in die another day…. Golden eye…(among his others) and now awaiting Daniel Craig in spectre.

Well who would love bond… I mean how can one not love him. His style his personality his intelligence everything.
From the gadgets he uses to the women he dates his awesome looks and the panache in his behaviours and mannerism.  Just one word mesmerizing.

You see spy movies and in every other movie the spy hides his identity…but that’s just too ordinary, that’s not the case with bond, even his duplicate passports have his name as “James Bond”. And how can a bond movie be complete without a ” vodka martini ….shaken not stirred”. And mind you no spy dates new women in every movie they either have love interests or fall in love on mission , but bond naaaaa he always has two females behind him(yeah at times in front as well. 😂😂).

Have you looked at his cars …gosh with all those tech and beauty they just define  awesomeness 🙂

Btw what made me write all this…well I just happened to watch another bond movie and suddenly I realized how much of a fan I am 😇😜

Hope you too are one 😉




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  1. honestme363 says:

    So was it the new one?


    1. Na the new one is yet to be released …I was watching ‘die another day’. 😁 you like bond movies ?

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      1. honestme363 says:

        Some, can’t say that I have seen them all but I like Daniel Craig ☺

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      2. Yeah he is good 😁👌👍 how are you doing Btw and your Darling daughter 🙂

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      3. honestme363 says:

        Good and good morning to you! So here is a question for you: who played the best Bond?

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      4. 🙂 well for me its a tie for the first place between Sean Connery and Pierce brosnan …I love them both 😁

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  2. skeepes84 says:

    Love the Bond movies…Sean Connery will always be my favorite Bond!

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    1. Yeah he will always be the top bond in the list !


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