Life in a village…


The sun rises each day,but from beyond the mountains
And not the crowded towers
The wind blows smoothly carrying with it
The smell of soil,but not of suffocating smog…

Day begins with greetings and prayers all around
Atmosphere so soothing and happiness without any bound
The birds are free to chirp and sing all they want
The rivers are free to flow with all its curve and slant
Greenery all around and freshness fill the air
The ground is your bed and same is your chair
Roam along the roads and let your feet go
Sometimes you can run and at times go slow
Old people around to guide you on your way
Funny silly wise and fun they always have something to say
Walking along the road,everyone smiles
Say hi and hello and so the time flies

I miss my good ol village and the time I spent there
I wish to go back and come back never
Love affection and heart everything is there
Mind becomes calm and my heart beats clear…




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