Dudhsagar trek…

Well if the name sounds new to you then you probably dont know dudhsagar …what is it well its a huge beautiful waterfall located in goa. Its one of the top tourist attractions of the state and view one can see from there is jyst majestic ….
So since I was in goa I decided to pay visit to the place myself …of course with my friends (going alone is a bad bad idea).
So the day began with the usual efforts to wake up everyone from sleep and since we were quiet lazy in getting up we decided to start the journey asap so we skipped breakfast and bath and headed straight to our bikes.
The plan —> bikes till colem and then well :p let’s see what happens (our previous night research didn’t do us much help in deciding the route or way or how to go …so basically we were heading blindly …another bad thing to do but then that’s how adventures happen πŸ˜‰ )

So bike ride on …GPS in hands guiding us we went. Starting the journey at 9 we reached colem at 12:00 and by the time we reached we came to know that the majority trains had left and we had just one option and that was to go trekking.
The guide we met on the station had just one advice for us : “follow the railway track ” and so we set sail…started at 12:30 we reached dudhsagar at 4. Awesome, the journey through the dense jungle lush green trees number of tunnels on the way we made our way through and were finally there.
And wht we saw was just spectacular awesome mindblowing just great we were spellbound and speechless. The view was just great and the water from the falls getting dispersed in the air some of it blowing with the wind it was just great ….
So after soaking In the beauty we started our journey back …walking as fast as we could we reached sonaulim a few people were standing there but the station guys told us that we meed to go till the signal to catch any train back yo kulem just then a train passed but it didn’t stop at our request. A few mins later another person came saying the train had stopped a bit ahead, and then we started running running along the tracks just like in the movies we ran with whatever we had and caught up with the train after convincing the motorman we finally were able to get aboard the train and within 25 mins were back to where we started πŸ™‚

A day well spent πŸ™‚

Advice for people who want to visit dudhsagar :
(From goa not castle rock)
1.start early morning so that u can reach kulem station till 8
2.catch the local guide they charge something between 600-1000 and will get u on board any passenger train of goods carrier
3.carry ample of food and water with you
4.go by car till kulem if possible









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